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Simple Tips on Saving for Your First Home in Australia

Buying a home is huge step and a crucial decision to make for a couple. However, everything will be all right if you are on the right track. Listed below are some of the few simple tips to follow to save on your first home.
A five percent savings on your deposit account will help a lot with your first application and will reduce your interest amount as long you get your deposit in tack.

Knowing if one is eligible for the First Home Owner Grant or FHOG will be of big help as the government of Australia is giving way $7,000 grant to help those first homeowners get going. However, one could finally claim that, he or she must quality with the set categories first, which are the first homeowners should know.

  • He or she must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • The property bought should be a home unit or flat specially designed for people to live in.
  • Must have not claim the grant yet.
  • The owners should occupy the home within 12 months of purchase, completions, or settlement.
  • The application for the FHOG must be made within 12 months of settlement or completion.

Every state in Australia has different additional qualification like age limit and length of stay, which is why; it is advisable to check with your local authority.

Another thing that could help any first homeowner’s saves money from their first home is to avail of the low-interest for first homebuyers.
Buying a home does not mean that you will have a huge debt to pay. You can also reduce it in some ways by finding the right features that will allow you to save thousands. To do this, one should consider a loan package that offer rate discounts for the loan’s life. Another way is to look for a loan that will allow you to pay more than the minimum free of charge.