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Own a Little Piece of Heaven in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands make a perfect location for a holiday or a temporary/permanent residence. These Spanish Islands will offer a stressed person, peace and quiet on some of its calm and pristine beaches and a bored one, a culture, history and city life that will cure even the most jaded individual.

One of the most affordable islands in the Canaries is, without a doubt, Lanzarote. It is only 125 kilometers away from the coast of Africa and the fourth largest of the islands.

You’ve decided you want to buy some property, but you’re not quite sure how to approach this issue. Firstly, what do you need it for? Are you planning to relocate to Lanzarote and retire? Or are you in your prime and just want to live The Life on this gorgeous island? Or maybe you’re thinking of opening up a business here on the island and need some office spaces or perhaps you just want to own a vacation home where you can spend a month a year and enjoy yourself and then rent it for the rest year. No matter what purpose your property will serve, one thing is sure: you have to start somewhere. We’ve browsed the web and found http://www.lanzaroteproperty.com/ to be very thorough and offering properties at decent prices.

Once you’ve decided how you are going to use your property, move on to the type of property you want and need. A luxurious home can set you back financially, but if you can afford it, go for it! What is great about owning something so high-end is the fact that you can rent it for a very good price when you’re not using it, so it will make money for you.

A villa is cheaper and you’re still getting the luxury implied in owning a vacation house on an island, it’s only smaller – let’s just call it cozier. Out of the 140,000 inhabitants of Lanzarote Island, 30,000 are residents coming from other European countries. The British, the Germans and the Irish seem to love Lanzarote so much that they’ve made it their home. Why not join them?

So you really want to own a piece of property on the island but you have a modest budget – believe it not, you can find studios starting from €40,000 and apartments at just €55,000. Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise are three of the best areas for buying a house. They have beaches, restaurants and bars and a vibrant the night life, just perfect for enjoying your newfound freedom.