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Indication of a Crummy Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents are generally present to help us sell or buy a property. With the stiff competition, most of the agents are doing the best effort on our behalf. However, not all of them are the same. There also some agents that are not dedicated enough to help us out. However, how can we determine in which side our hired agent is? Listed below are some of the indicators that will let you know if your agent is dedicated or not in helping you out.

Constant Communication – just like any other business in this world, communication is always the key. You and your agent must have constant communication for updates. One in any case your agent fail to respond on your phone call in a timely manner or just simply disappear for long like a weeklong without informing you the reason, this is a clear indication that it is now time for you to move to another agent.

Helpful Advice Missing – advice is a very helpful even to those who already have gone through selling and buying properties multiple times. If you have observed that you are not getting any advice from your agent like fixing those defective plumbing and the like, it is most likely that your agent is not determined enough to have your property sold. Most probably all they have to do is to put your for sale property on different listing and wait for the miracle to happen next.

Does Not Want To Be Connected With Affiliates – this one is really a red flag to be aware of. This is a clear indication that your agent is getting a cut on referral fees.

Agent As Part Time Job – part timer and full time agent works in different approach. Full time real estate agents put their heart and soul in it in order to get some sale or get to buy you a property that you need. However, if you settle for those part-timers who like office personnel or waiter and the like, it will less likely for them to dedicate their time to have you buy or sell a property.

Agents Who Have Buyers Only List – agents who have this kind of lists simply indicates that they are not helping you out in buying a property. Since agents earn a different commission from selling a property, they might try to shove the said commission to the brokerage as well. If your agent is showing you a buyer’s list, they are not going to represent you as a buyer. You had better stay off from them.

Behavioral Concerns – it is important to know your agent’s behavioral background to avoid from those fraudster that managed to pretend themselves as real estate to rake off some or huge amount from you. Communicate with your agent’s agency to know if the agent you hired in indeed a licensed one or does not have any disciplinary action on record. Contact information of different agencies is available at the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials.